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Getting rid of dark circles the Visiblechanges way! The right way
Mar 11

Getting rid of dark circles the Visiblechanges way! The right way

Getting Rid of Dark Eye Circles by Visiblechanges.


Few things are worse than when you are feeling exhausted and stressed, saddling up to the bathroom mirror and the evidence marked all over your face. And, the most noticeable and frustrating sign of these pressures are those unsightly panda eyes…


While eye products generally do not get a good wrap and can be some of the most underperforming products on the market, there are a few key things you need to look out for. Especially since this layer of  periorbital skin is much thinner than anywhere else on the body, you need to start looking after it the right way now!.


Due to the majority of products leaving you feeling dissatisfied (and still looking tired and haggard!) with your often very expensive purchase, there are two ingredients you need to look out for that are guaranteed to reap the results you want!


Haloxyl and Carob Seed Extract


Haloxyl,  a peptide and enzyme blend that are proven ingredients that truly combat dark eye circles.


You may notice dark circles or under eye bags beginning to form around your eyes when stress, allergies, and a lack of sleep become more apparent in your life. Unfortunately, genetics also play a role in the appearance of such degenerative skin issues as well.


The appearances of those pesky dark under-eye circles begin to surface when red blood cells leak from your capillaries in the eye area and release haemoglobin. This iron-rich haemoglobin composes into bilirubin and other unsightly coloured pigments that result in the bruise-like appearance around your eyes.


Haloxyl works by trapping the haemoglobin before it can form into the coloured pigments and eliminates it from the skin instead. It also stimulates a natural enzyme that gets rid of the pre-existing pigment and provides care and support to the fragile skin around your eyes. Studies have shown that Haloxyl reduces the production of inflammatory enzymes a key contributor in your eye area’s deterioration too. A clinical study by Sederma on a number of women also proved that an application of a Haloxyl gel two times a day resulted in a whopping 63% decrease under-eye darkness.


Carob Seed Extract provides phyto-repair molecules that restore the balance of natural regenerative systems depleted by age, and accelerate the recovery of stressed skin tissue. Synthesis of growth factors and tissue repair mediators are encouraged, promoting re-colonizing, reorganization and reconstruction of damaged skin, assisting in reparation of micro-lesions on the skin barrier and reactivating the skin depleted natural defence systems.



Lucky for you Visible Changes is well versed in the effectiveness of these ingredients and what they can do for you. If you are becoming increasingly concerned with dark eye circles and the skin around your eye area come in and see us. At Visiblechanges  we can help.


Rest assured, your panda eyes will be gone forever.



Teresa Russo


Clinical Director, Visible Changes

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